SMSMarshall believes in providing a high-quality service and that extends all the way to our Partners.
We never promote that which we wouldn't personally work with, or that which we haven't been fully trained to implement or support.
Extend Mac management beyond native Microsoft® SCCM functionality to discover, enrol, and manage Mac computers the same way you do PCs. Leverage standard reporting, tools, and processes to have
full visibility into Mac computers and PCs, all under one pane of glass.
2Pint Software helps us to extend SCCM's built-in content management, providing an excellent low-cost and agile Content Management solution, that builds upon and extends existing Microsoft Technologies such as BranchCache and Delivery Optimisation.
1e also helps us to extend SCCM's built-in content management when customers wish to take content management to the next level with a cost effective and low touch solution. 1e Nomad leverages proprietary peer-to-peer technology, is adaptable to all environments and highly efficient at optimising content distribution throughout your organisation. 1e also provide a rich ecosystem of products to compliment SCCM such as NightWatchman, AppClarity, Shopping, Windows Servicing Suite and their latest product Tachyon.
Providing independent and qualified business technology consulting services, specialising in Microsoft, Citrix, and supporting technology. From virtualisation platforms to cloud migrations including back office suites; office 365, application containers, etc. We have been providing technology services for over 15 years, and over this time have worked with numerous clients designing and implementing leading-edge enterprise-class architectures. Our core services provide technical solution architecture and implementation services across a wide spectrum of vendor provided technologies.