Cost effective Remote Support, rest assured that SCCM experience and knowledge is within reach

Our Remote Support packages will enhance the experience you have with SCCM and Intune



What is Remote Support for SCCM?

We offer SCCM, Intune and Windows 10 support remotely, connecting your SCCM Hierarchies and Windows 10 estates with highly talented experts, to help perform product servicing, training, maintenance or administration over the life time of the products.


A Remote Support package consists of a block of hours that can be used to gain access to expert support, across the following three mediums:


EmailContact the support team directly with your own personalised private email distribution list
VoiceArrange a time, and speak directly to the support team using Skype for Business or Telephone
Real-time remote support sessionUsing Skype for Business or similar product, initiate a remote support session with the SMSMarshall team
RemoteSupport Web PortalPlan and prepare tasks with the RemoteSupport Web Portal

Why Remote Support?

Simply put, Remote Support for small to medium sized companies is an extremely cost effective way of freeing up the time spent on SCCM, Intune, and Windows 10, or to de-risk the knowledge and roles within your company.


Our highly trained product experts will deal with your time-expensive issues and questions promptly and effectively.


Rather than hiring a costly proven expert consultant on a daily basis, purchase one of our packages and access our highly talented team, delivering value for money by reducing the amount of time-wastage caused by traditional engagement approaches.


Keep a handle on hour usage using our private and secure work authorisation system, participate in scoping, and approve and monitor tasks as our engineers work through them with you.


On top of all that you get regular communications from us, detailing important product news such as:


  • Major or significant product announcements
  • Product Support announcements
  • Microsoft SCCM and Intune Blog Posts
  • Patching Advisories and Alerts
  • News on Community events and community content related to SCCM, Intune and Windows 10


What can I spend my hours on?

Once you have purchased your Remote Support package, you can use the engagement hours for practically all your SCCM, Intune and Windows 10 needs.


Here are just some of the many examples of useful ways to use the hours in your package, so as to outline how flexible our remote support service can be for you:


Implement new SCCM and Intune product features
Troubleshoot SCCM and Intune product issues
Service third party SCCM products
Software Updates Management Health Check
Troubleshoot Operating System migrations
SCCM and Intune Technical design review
One-to-one SCCM and Intune training
SCCM Capacity planning
SCCM Health checks
Upgrade SCCM
Windows 10 Migration and Management


What Remote Support Packages are available?


Package NameHours in PackageSLAPackage expiry from purchase

Let us maintain and operate parts of, or all of your SCCM Hierarchy.

Receive a dedicated remote support engineer, and benefit from a team holding a vast amount of knowledge and expertise
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday for the duration of your Package

Out of hours work scheduled on an agreed basis with your support engineer
Tailored to suit the Package1 Year

For those new to Remote Support, or those with occasional support requirements that do not justify a larger package
40 Hours

Amounts to 1 working week of engagement time
Response within 24 hours

Commencement of support within 48 to 72 hours
6 months

For those that want a medium duration of support, and a faster response time
80 Hours

Amounts to 2 working weeks of engagement time
Response within 24 hours

Commencement of support within 48 hours
6 months

For those that want a longer duration of support and a faster commencement time
160 Hours

Amounts to 4 working weeks of engagement time
Response within 24 hours

Commencement of support within 24 hours
1 Year

Any remaining hours when the package expires will be acessible for an additional 2 months
Vendor Support

For those that require support installing Vendor-related products, including those from our Partners
8 to 16 hours

Amounts to 1 to 2 working days of engagement time
Response time based on scheduling

How does my company get one of these packages?

It is as simple as filling in this form, and from there we'll arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.