At SMSMarshall we like community tools, both using and writing them!


It is in our blood they say, it has something to do with Robert and Paul being from the 8-bit generation we think


For ease of access all our free tools reside on Microsoft's TechNet Gallery, and if the source code for the tool is available it will reside on GitHub.


Tool Description Screenshot
System Center Store A System Center content download tool, consisting of the latest Scripts, Documentation, Tools, Books and Community listings. Written in C# and .Net 4.0, designed to simplify the process of acquiring or updating tool-sets for you, the agile administrator.
Log Launcher A simple yet powerful tool that brings ConfigMgr related and other log types together in one view.
Inbox Monitor A ConfigMgr tool which allows you to view the file counts in folders, or the inbox folder structure for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager as well as previous versions of the product. The tool gives you a birds-eye view of the total amount of files in each of the folders
ConfigMgr CustomDDR When run on a ConfigMgr Client, CustomDDR creates a custom Discovery Data Record (DDR) and delivers it to the Client's assigned ConfigMgr Site Server.
ConfigMgr Client Push Manager Allows you to delete some or all of the Client Installation requests that might be taking place on a System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Primary Site server.
ConfigMgr Component Manager Control ConfigMgr Component status quickly and easily using the ConfigMgr Component Manager. The list of components is rendered and either singularly or via multi-selection component(s) can be stopped, started, paused or resumed. This functionality is available built-in but requires the Console to be installed or an effort to isolate and make available the files for ConfigMgr Service Manager and the tools primary purpose is for ease of access rather than trying to replace an existing tool.
ConfigMgr SwitchMP SwitchMP for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager R2 allows you to view the list of Known Management Points that a ConfigMgr Client stores on contact with its Assigned Management Point for the first time, and to restrict access to them temporarily while triggering a Management Point Rotation event to take place.
CheckPort A simple TCP port checking tool configured for ConfigMgr usage in both Application and Console versions.
ConfigMgr MonitorMP Monitor MP is a utility that checks the Management Points belonging to a Site server to see if they are responding.